ATLAS will provide the first coherent, integrated basin-scale assessment of Atlantic deep-water ecosystems and their Blue Growth potential.

To achieve this ambition, ATLAS will employ innovative methods and integrate data in new ways across Work Packages (WP). By unifying its research from physical oceanography (WP1) through ecosystem function (WP2), biodiversity (WP3) and connectivity (WP4), the ATLAS consortium sets out a uniquely data-led science plan as the foundation for its socioeconomic (WP5), spatial planning (WP6) and policy integration (WP7) activities. Multi-way dialogue with stakeholders (WP6 and WP9) will transfer ATLAS outputs into policy-making to create a new platform informing both Blue Growth and research agendas (WP7). ATLAS will disseminate knowledge and data through systemic EU and global data infrastructure (WP8), and complement this with pan-EU and international public dissemination and outreach (WP9).