ATLAS was part of the pilot for the Horizons Results platform. All key results from ATLAS feature there. Filter your search by adding the ATLAS grant number (67870) and the full list will appear.

Below you can find direct links to the results already on the platform.

Weakening of Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) through the industrial era    

An expert assessment of risks posed by climate change and anthropogenic activities to ecosystem services in the deep sea

Atlantic Adventures with ATLAS - The ATLAS educational outreach portfolio             

Cold-water coral and sponge physiology database

New approach to identify the key environmental parameters that control cold-water coral ecosystem performance      

ATLAS Policy Brief on MPA network Design

Using eDNA and quantitative PCR to assess biodiversity in the open ocean              

Approaching the assessment of Good Environmental Status in the deep-sea             

Current deep-Sea Area-Based Management Tools are unprepared for climate change

New evidence to support the protection of deep-sea sponge ecosystems at Tropic Seamount            

Novel Marine Spatial Planning decision support protocol

New climate model projects major impacts on coral and commercially important fish habitats in the deep Atlantic due to climate change

Contribution to the Development of NAFO Ecosystem Summary Sheets

Low-Cost Imaging Systems to Observe the Deep Sea

New approach to map coral reef biomass and its usefulness to derive ecosystem functions

A non-invasive method to quantify oxygen uptake by cold-water corals (CWC)

New deep-sea species discovered and described by the EU ATLAS project


ATLAS GeoNode marine data visualization tool