At the end of the ATLAS project the BBC reported on the project’s findings. This report ('Atlantic discovery: 12 new species 'hiding in the deep'') was released on 28/12/2020 leading to wider media coverage estimated to exceed 400 million people worldwide.

Some of the articles published after the BBC release can be seen in the list below:

BBC Instagram report (28/12/2020)

BBC Science and Environment: “Rolling in the deep: 12 new species found in the Atlantic”(28/12/2020)

Voice of America’s International Edition (interview with Steve Miller)

Part 1 at 20:35 (29/12/2020)

Part 2 at 22:50 (29/12/2020)

ABC News Australia (interview with Celina Edmonds)

ATLAS project discovers 12 new species in the deep Atlantic Ocean (29/12/2020)

Murray Roberts interview on Australian Broadcasting Corporation TV News Channel (29/12/2020)

Robots uncover 12 new species in the deep ocean (29/12/2020)

ATLAS research project discovers new species in lowest depths of the ocean (29/12/2020)

EuroNews report

Isabelle Kumar tweet (29/12/20)

EuroNews:Twelve deep-water creatures discovered in Atlantic Ocean (29/12/2020)

Daily Mail

A dozen new species of fish, mollusk and coral are discovered deep in the Atlantic Ocean (30/12/2020)

The Telegraph

Scientists find 12 new deep sea Atlantic species - but they are already at risk from climate change (28/12/20)


Discovery of 12 new species in the deep ocean at risk from climate crisis (30/12/2020)

Links to some other press coverage highlighting the ATLAS project:

















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