Hi!  My name is Emma, I am the new ATLAS project Officer at Dynamic Earth and I’m part of Work Package 9 (Dissemination, Knowledge Transfer and Outreach). As part of my role at Dynamic Earth, I’ll be developing and designing educational materials based on the outcomes of ATLAS.  Last month, I was lucky enough to get to attend the Science Uncovered Oceans Night at the Natural History Museum in London.  It was part of European Researcher’s Night and I got to chat to loads of fascinating people in the EU café including people working on ocean currents, the SponGES project and even the medical effects of micro-plastics.  I also got to hear the amazing story of Hope, the Blue Whale skeleton which has replaced ‘Dippy’ the Diplodocus.  There was a brilliant mix of things to see and do from a range of organisations as well as the Museum’s collections.  It has certainly given me plenty of great ideas of how to get the highlights of ATLAS research out to the general public!