ATLAS was well represented during the outreach activities carried out to support the 100-year Jubilee of the IEO-VIGO during the first half of 2017. Mar Sacau (PhD, ATLAS partner) and Pablo Durán Muñoz (PhD, ATLAS partner), both members of the IEO-VIGO ATLAS team, participated in various events to present and describe the main ATLAS project features. Their participation focused on the dissemination of ATLAS research on deep Atlantic marine ecosystems and how this research will provide new knowledge to North Atlantic ecosystems, contributing to the implementation of international agreements to protect Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems (VMEs).

From 14–17 March 2017, IEO-VIGO ATLAS team members participated in the public event “Cien años en Vigo, una vida en el mar. Embárcate con el IEO” (One hundred years in Vigo, a life in the sea. Engage with the IEO) with more than 1,800 members of the general public. Dr Durán Muñoz coordinated visits to the IEO Research Vessel R/V Ángeles Alvariño, and participated in five scientific exhibitions and interactive workshops.

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Students visiting the stand (IEO)


Continuing with the celebration of its centenary, IEO-VIGO organised several scientific workshops at the Contemporary Art Museum of Vigo (MARCO) from 18–19 April 2017 with almost 2,000 visitors. 


General view of the exhibition hall at the MARCO museum

Please visit the Port Authority of Vigo on their Facebook page and the MARCO Museum's Twitter for more information on these workshops.

On 26 June 2017, ATLAS was presented within the "Oceanográfico Itinerante" activities (a set of mobile workshops) in a summer course of the “Centre of Education Resources” of the National Organisation of the Spanish Blind (Organización Nacional de Ciegos Españoles - ONCE) in the city of Pontevedra, Spain. ONCE is a prestigious institution involved in the social services for blind people. Visually-impaired students had the opportunity to approach the different disciplines in which IEO focuses their research, emphasising the study of deep marine Atlantic ecosystems and importance of VMEs associated species. Watch a short video on this from the Galacian TV here.

By: Ana García-Alegre, Mar Sacau and P Durán Muñoz

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 General view of the exhibition hall at the Centre of Education Resources - ONCE (IEO)