The aim of the Science is Wonderful exhibition is to bring the world of science to the public by sharing an incredible diversity of research projects, all working towards ingenious solutions to the biggest problems facing our planet.

This year the event took place on a dedicated online platform, where schools and members of the public from all over Europe (and worldwide!) were able to meet and talk to researchers, ask them questions, discover science experiments they could do at home, play games and watch a whole host of demos and presentations from the scientists themselves.

The Atlantic Adventures stand was run by a team of ATLAS and iAtlantic researchers who chatted with visitors about marine science, life on board a research cruise and why marine science is important for the future of our planet. As well as this, visitors were able to view the ATLAS Highlights video, browse the online resources and download brochures and the ATLAS compendium of results.

Natalie Walls (ATLAS Project Officer, Dynamic Earth) and Tom Grove (Research Assistant, iAtlantic) each gave several live presentations to groups of visitors, outlining their part in the project as well as answering questions from the participants on everything from marine policies, to sea-sickness to whale blow! The feedback from the presentations was extremely positive, with many visitors reporting that they had learned something new during the sessions!

The Atlantic Adventures exhibition, alongside the other 39 projects and all of the interactive content created for the event, will be live on the Science is Wonderful platform for another month. If you missed the opportunity over the three days to visit and experience this incredible event, register now for free at