Monday - WP1: Ocean Dynamics Driving Ecosystem Response

Alan Fox (UEDIN) - D1.6 Biologically realistic lagrangian connectivity         

Dierk Hebbeln (UniHB) - D1.4 Deep-sea ecosystem tipping points              

Clare Johnson (SAMS) - D1.2 Ecosystem-relevant ocean flux  (restricted access, ATLAS only)              

Igor Yashayaev (DFO) - Bio-physical connectivity in the Labrador Sea (Davis Strait cluster) in light of recent changes in environmental variables

Monday - WP2: Functional Ecosystems

Christian Mohn (AU) - Hydrodynamic modelling in case study areas from VIKING20 boundary conditions: Setup, results, model validation

Lorenzo Rovelli/Ronnie Glud (USD) - O2 Uptake from Cold-Water Coral Reefs and Gardens: Case Study Site Condor Seamount (Azores)

Laurence de Clippele (UEDIN) - Mapping benthic oxygen consumption rates in the cold-water coral reef, the Mingulay Reef

Laura Korte (NIOZ) - Seasonal depending food supply to cold-water corals at the Rockall Bank off Ireland

Evert de Froe (NIOZ) - Coupling hydrodynamics with biology: progress towards modelling cold-water coral biomass at Rockall Bank, NE Atlantic

Marina Carreiro-Silva (IMAR) - Feeding biology of habitat-forming gorgonians in the Azores Archipelago       

Stephanie Liefmann (UEDIN) - Feeding ecology and competition of Atlantic vulnerable marine ecosystems

Johanne Vad (UEDIN) - Impacts of Human Activities on Cold-Water Sponges and the Habitats They Form in the North East Atlantic

Dick van Oevelen (NIOZ)

Tuesday - WP3: Biodiversity & Biogeography

Covadonga Orejas (IEO) - D3.1: Good Environmental Status and Biodiversity Assessments              

Patricia Puerta (IEO) - D3.2a: Review: Influence of water masses on deep-sea biodiversity and biogeography of the North Atlantic         

Georgios Kazanidis (UEDIN) - D3.2b: Case Studies on Effects of Hydrography and Oceanography on North Atlantic VME Biodiversity & Biogeography          

Carlos Dominguez-Carrió (IMAR) - D3.3a: Part 1 - Improve the understanding of biodiversity in the deep N Atlantic        

Berta Ramiro Sanchez (UEDIN) - D3.3b: Part 2 - Improve the understanding of biogeography of VME indicators in the deep N Atlantic     

David Stirling (MSS) - D3.3c: Part 3 - Develop case study habitat suitability models for VME indicator taxa & key deep-sea fish species under current environmental conditions           

Telmo Morato (IMAR) - D3.3d: Part 4 - Changes in biodiversity, GOODS & GES under IPCC scenarios

Magali Combes (IFREMER) - D3.4: Conservation management issues in ATLAS      

Tuesday - WP4 Connected Resources

Miriam Brandt & Blandine Trouche (IFREMER) - Metazoans and microbial diversity. Following the Mediterranean Outflow Water: a characterization of community connectivity driven by water masses from Alboran to the Azores            

Albert Fuster (IEO) - Oceanographic interpretation of planktonic foraminifera assemblages sampled in the MEDWAVES cruise           

Christopher Roterman (OXU) - Fine-scale Population Genetics of Cidaroid Urchins in the NE Atlantic

Alan Fox (UEDIN) & Sophie Arnaud-Haond (IFREMER) - Scleractinian connectivity, integrating modelling and genetics approaches         

Tuesday - WP5: Valuing Ecosystem Services and Blue Growth Potential

Claire Armstrong (UiT) - Overview of WP5 progress.        

Adriana Ressurreição (IMAR) - What does the public know about the deep sea: Results of an ocean literacy survey in the Azores (restricted access)     

Katherine Needham (University of Glasgow) & Bui Bich Xuan (UiT) - Willingness to pay for conservation - Mingulay & LoVe               

Rob Tinch (Iodine) - Attitudes to ecosystem service valuation

Wednesday presentations

Detmer Sipkema - Deep impact: sponge-associated microbes and bioactivity change with depth (restricted access)             

WP7 Plenary: Policy Integration to Inform Key Agreements

Overview. David Johnson (SC)

Rachel Boschen-Rose (SC) - ATLAS input to ISA regulations & UK Sustainable Seas Inquiry

Matt Gianni (GC) & Rachel Boschen-Rose (SC) - Industry engagement & Ocean Business

Rob Tinch (Iodine)/David Johnson (SC) - MPA networks Policy Brief & IGC(3)        

Wednesday - WP6 Maritime Spatial Planning & WP8 Open Science Resources for Stakeholders     

Anthony Grehan (NUIG) - Update on MSP

Lea-Anne Henry (UEDIN) - Industry engagement and D6.4 plans

David Stirling (MSS) - Rockall CS MSP

Oisín Callery (NUIG - Porcupine CS MSP)

Ana García-Alegre (IEO) - Flemish Cap MSP

Joana Gafeira (BGS) MESMA Step 2 - update on GIS layers provided by CS for EU Atlas of the Sea

Kate Larkin & Pascal Derycke (SBE) - Showcase and demonstration of EU Atlas of the Sea

Stéphane Pesant (UniHB) - Showcase and demonstration of Open AIRE

Thursday – Keynote, WP9 and advisory board feedback

Keynote: Stuart Cunningham (SAMS) - OSNAP A New Understanding of Atlantic Overturning in the Sub-Polar Gyre

Biliana Cicin-Sain (Global Ocean Watch) - Addressing the Climate & Ocean Nexus: the time to act is now

Annette Wilson (AquaTT) & Emma Paterson (DE)- WP9: Dissemination, Knowledge Transfer & Outreach  

Advisory Board Feedback (restricted to ATLAS partners)