He says, “it's been very exciting seeing cutting-edge research data appear on the dome, it should make for a fantastic voyage!". The visualisation focuses on the Davis Strait, Azores, Rockall Bank and Mingulay Reef case study sites and blends in ROV and other cruise footage alongside pre-existing North Atlantic and global circulation datasets to create a coherent story that will suit a variety of audiences. The visualisations can be made available for use by any ATLAS partner with access to a planetarium, but they will also be available as video clips in standard format for wider use. The ATLAS data will be integrated into a flagship marine science planetarium show at Dynamic Earth that will also bring the findings of project to broad public audience in months to come. It is more usual to look up from the planet in a planetarium show, but this project has revealed the tremendous opportunity for Earth observation and environmental data visualisation in a dome format.