“European Atlas…” is uniquely equipped with a suite of new tools (available from September 2020) including an improved print module and measurement tool, the integration of short stories highlighting interesting map layers and the use of the most detailed background map available worldwide, provided by EMODnet. 

The H2020 ATLAS project has made a vital contribution in the “European Atlas of the Seas” through the contribution of the following data layers:

The ATLAS project data layers are the outcome of the efforts made from the H2020 ATLAS partners and their colleagues over the last years in order to advance our understanding of the deep-sea ecosystems of the North Atlantic and secure their conservation for the future generations.  

You can find more information on the EMODnet website: https://www.emodnet.eu/en/exploreyourocean-24-languages. You can also follow the developments also on twitter @EuropeAtlasSeas

Enjoy your navigation in the “European ATLAS of the Seas”!