ATLAS at Science is Wonderful! Augmented Reality Colouring Sheets (c) Annette Wilson & Natalie Walls

The ‘Atlantic Adventure with ATLAS’ stand displayed a range of resources from the ATLAS Educational Outreach Portfolio developed by Dynamic Earth and AquaTT. Visitors tested their sampling skills using the ROV simulator, a computer game specifically designed by the ATLAS team to explain how remotely operated vehicles are used to sample the deep sea. School students and teachers alike were impressed the with augmented colouring sheets, based on ATLAS Case Studies, that came to life when viewed through the Spectacular App. Visitors also tried their hand at surveying with the ‘ATLAS coral reef’, a  composite of images from the Rockall Bank and Mingulay Reef, displayed as a floor mat featuring key deep sea animals from ATLAS research.  

IMG 20190926 105812

ATLAS at Science is Wonderful! Photos (c) Annette Wilson & Natalie Walls.

The ATLAS team gained valuable feedback on the public engagement resources produced on the project. The stand also received visits from EC policy, project officers and other visitors from the commission. The energy and atmosphere at the event created a fantastic environment for learning, sharing information and engaging with science. We’re looking forward to next year already!

The Science is Wonderful exhibition was held from 25 and 26 September at Tours & Taxis in Brussels, Belgium. To learn more about the event click here.

By Annette Wilson (AquaTT) and Natalie Walls (Dynamic Earth)