ATLAS partner David Johnson with the group attending the OSPAR Intersessional Correspondence Group on Marine Protected Areas in Marstrand, Sweden.

 On behalf of ATLAS, Prof David Johnson (Seascape Consultancy) provided an update on ATLAS efforts of relevance to OSPAR with updates kindly received from Dick van Oevelen (Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, NIOZ) and Telmo Morato (IMAR - University of the Azores). David also presented a short set of slides on MEDWAVES kindly supplied by Cova Orejas and colleagues from the Spanish Institute of Oceanography.

During the meeting, the UK expressed interest in our work and recalled their efforts to relate fisheries closures to conservation targets. OSPAR noted projected impacts of climate change on area-based management tools and ICG-MPA requested ATLAS to keep OSPAR informed as more results become available. Consideration is being given to a future NE Atlantic CBD Regional EBSA Workshop which, if and when it takes place, could provide an important platform for ATLAS partners to contribute scientific and technical information to support description of EBSAs within the OSPAR Maritime Area.