To achieve the transatlantic scale and incorporate the diversity of sensitive Atlantic deep-water ecosystems, ATLAS has assembled 12 Case Studies that follow the major Atlantic current patterns. These were selected on basis of

  • proximity to Blue Growth activities
  • presence of focal ecosystems
  • availability of existing data/samples
  • and opportunities for offshore cruises during the ATLAS project

Research cruises for ATLAS are available from national contributions with additional ship time provided by our North American partners and industry associate partners. ATLAS Case Studies lie along critical paths of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation (AMOC) with some currently classified as Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems, Ecologically or Biologically Significant Marine Areas or in areas that have been proposed as such. Case Studies cross-cut the project and give the biogeographic, regulatory and jurisdictional range needed to meet ATLAS’s objectives.


The AMOC consists of warm water (red arrows) flowing north and cold water returning southward at depth (blue). AMOC arrays are shown at 26.5°N (RAPID) and in the subpolar North Atlantic (OSNAP) with the UK Extended Ellet Line (EEL) and Canadian (AR7) hydrographic sections indicated. Black dots represent the ATLAS partner locations and Red stars represent the ATLAS Case Studies.

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