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The ATLAS policy brief can be found here: Recognising connectivity and climate change impacts as essential elements for an effective North Atlantic MPA network


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pdf ATLAS Brochure Popular Download (pdf, 8.20 MB)
pdf ATLAS Factsheet - Dutch version Popular Download (pdf, 4.00 MB)
pdf ATLAS Factsheet - English version Popular Download (pdf, 2.56 MB)
pdf ATLAS Factsheet - French version Popular Download (pdf, 3.97 MB)
pdf ATLAS factsheet - Portuguese version Popular Download (pdf, 2.80 MB)
pdf ATLAS factsheet - Spanish version Popular Download (pdf, 3.76 MB)
pdf ATLAS Project Overview 2016 - 2017 Popular Download (pdf, 1.48 MB)
pdf ATLAS Science Policy Meeting (2018) Report Popular Download (pdf, 952 KB)
pdf ATLAS symposium on EBSAs and VMEs Programme Popular Download (pdf, 465 KB)
pdf ATLAS timeline final year Popular Download (pdf, 238 KB)
pdf ATLAS VME EBSA symposium flyer Popular Download (pdf, 1.30 MB)
pdf New Climate Model Projects Major Impacts on Coral & Fish Habitats in the Atlantic Download (pdf, 430 KB)
pdf Press Release Deep in the Atlantic Ocean high tech sensors to gather long term biogeochemical data (June 2017) Popular Download (pdf, 638 KB)
pdf Press Release Diving Deep to Explore New Frontiers of Collaboration and Innovation (June 2017) Popular Download (pdf, 387 KB)