Dalhousie Castle Hotel

We are excited for you to have the opportunity to see some of Edinburgh's beautiful buildings. The meeting will start with a welcome reception followed by dinner on Sunday evening, in the Playfair Hall at Surgeon's Quarter. The plenary sessions (Monday and Tuesday) and dinner on Monday evening will be hosted at the Playfair Library, just across the road, which is accessed via the Old College entrance and quad shown in the photos below. 

Playfair Library, the entrance to Old College, and the Ramsay Gardens

Partners will be accommodated at KM Central, a just a 5 minute walk from the meeting venue. 

KM Central

Following breakfast on Wednesday morning, a coach will take partners to the Dalhousie Castle Hotel castle outside Edinburgh for 2 days of paper writing. There will be an oportunity for a whisky tasting, for those who want to learn about Scotland's famous water of life. The meeting will wrap up with a ceilidh on Thursday evening, before departure after breakfast on Friday 13th. 


Dalhousie Castle Hotel

The whole meeting cost is set at £550, and includes accommodation, all meals and coffee breaks (except for Tuesday dinner) and transport to the writing workshop. More details are available on the registration form