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Presentations per work package

WP1Ocean dynamics driving ecosystem response

Johnson, Clare (SAMS)
Large-scale budgets and trends of physical quantities relevant for marine biota and ecosystems

Mosquera Giménez, Ángela (IEO)
Ocean Circulation over Formigas and Ormonde Seamounts  

Spooner, Peter (UCL)
Anomalous North Atlantic oceanography and overturning during the last 250 years


WP1&4: Ocean dynamics driving ecosystem response & Connected resources

Arnaud-Haond, Sophie (IFREMER)
Realized dispersal through population genetics: contrasted patterns in the two reef builders L. pertusa and M. occulata 

Carreiro-Silva, Marina (IMAR)
Life history traits of deep-water gorgonians in the Azores Archipelago

Fox, Alan (UEDIN)
Predictive dispersal: Lagrangian modelling using knowledge on larval dispersal

Orejas, Cova (IEO) and Larsson, Ann (TMBL)
Reproductive traits and larval ecology. Some potential relevant aspects to feed predictive dispersal models 


WP2Ecosystem functioning

van Oevelen, Dick (NIOZ)
Overview WP2

de Froe, Evert (NIOZ)
Oxygen and nutrient fluxes from a Cold-Water Coral reef at Rockall Bank, NE Atlantic

Mohn (AU), Christian
High-resolution ROMS model forced by VIKING20: First results for Rockall Bank and Condor Seamount

Nilssen, Ingunn (Equinor)
LoVe Observatory

Rovelli, Lorenzo (USD)
Application of the non-invasive Aquatic Eddy Co-variance on complex cold-water benthic habitats

Wolff, George (UOL)
Does food quality control the distribution of cold-water corals?


WP3: Biodiversity and Biogeography

Arnaud-Haond, Sophie (IFREMER)
Improving biodiversity inventories based on metabarcoding of eDNA

Carlson, Jeanette (UCD)
Environmental DNA Quantitative PCR Assays for Marine Species Detection

Egilsdóttir, Hrönn (MRI)
The Reykjanes Ridge as a habitat for benthic organisms

Gonzalez-Irusta, José (IMAR)
Species distribution models under future climate scenarios

Henry, Lea-Anne (UEDIN)
VME biodiversity and biogeography at the Tropic Seamount in the High Seas

Kazanidis, Georgios (UEDIN)
Effects of changing ocean regimes on deep-sea benthos on the Scottish continental shelf and slope

Orejas, Cova (IEO)
Progress in assessing GES in deep-sea benthic ecosystem: D1, D3, D6 and D10

Orejas, Cova (on behalf of WGDEC/ICES)
Call for data: new information on Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems (VME) in the North Atlantic from ICES member countries

Rivera, Jesús (IEO)
Medwaves: following the thread

Stirling, David (MSS)
Towards Predictive Distribution Models in the Deep Sea: An Update from ATLAS Case Studies


WP4: Connected resources

Arnaud-Haond, Sophie (IFREMER)
Defining protocols for genome scan of ATLAS targets

Gallagher, Jeanne (UCD)
Population genetics of the Norway lobster Nephrops norvegicus


WP5Valuing Ecosystem Services and Blue Growth Potential

Armstrong, Claire (UiT)
Overview of WP5 activities: Valuing Ecosystem Services and Blue Growth Potential

Vondolia, Godwin (UiT)
Expert assessment of risks to ecosystem services from diverse human drivers in the Atlantic deep sea


WP6Marine Spatial Planning

Grehan, Anthony (NUIG)
Overview WP6 activities

García Alegre, Ana (IEO-Vigo)
Monitoring and evaluation of a Spatially Managed Area in the Case Study No 11, following the MESMA framework: Step 1 - Context Setting

Henry, Lea-Anne (UEDIN)
ATLAS case study data compilation work flow

Martin, Juliette (UNEP)
Updates on the ABNJ Deep Seas Project and the marine Component of Proteus

Stirling¸ David (MSS)
Storage, Analysis and Visualisation of Spatial Data: A Workflow to Support Marine Spatial Planning in Rockall


WP7: Policy integration to inform key agreements

Andrade, Francisco (MARE-FCUL) & Ferreira, Maria Adelaide (MARE-FCUL)
Keynote: Strategic Environmental Assessment

Ferreira, Maria Adelaide (MARE-FCUL)
Climate change is likely to severely limit the effectiveness of deep-sea ABMTs in the North Atlantic

Johnson, David (SC)
Moving on from the 2017 UN Oceans Conference: Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals

Johnson, David (SC)
Policy integration to inform key agreements


WP8Open science resources for stakeholders and WP9Dissemination, knowledge transfer and outreach

Pesant, Stéphane (UniHB), Wilson, Annette (AquaTT) & Paterson, Emma (DE)
Open Science, Knowledge Transfer and outreach


WP10: Co-ordination and management

Murray Roberts (UEDIN)
Welcome Address


Advisory Board

Rice, Jake (DFO)
IPBES Goals, challenges and opportunities

Advisory Board Feedback (restricted access - only for ATLAS partners)


Poster presentations

Dominguez-Carrió, Carlos (IMAR)
The benthic communities of Condor Seamount

Fagerström, Vilhelm (GU)
Biophysical Modelling of Lophelia pertusa Larval Dispersal in the Skagerrak – An Area Isolated by Distance?

Fuster, Albert (IEO)
Preliminary study on the foraminiferal assemblages from the MEDWAVES cruise

Garcia-Alegre, Ana (IEO-Vigo)
Contribution to the ATLAS Project from IEO-Vigo: an update (2017-18)

Le Corre, Nicolas (DFO)
Connectivity of Bentho-Pelagic Species among Significant Benthic Areas off Newfoundland and Labrador

Menot, Lenaick (Ifremer)
The Ecological Role of Patchy Cold-Water Coral Habitats: Does Coral Density Influence Local Biodiversity in Submarine Canyons of the Bay of Biscay?

Miatta, Marta (DOS)
Biological and environmental drivers of deep-sea benthic ecosystem functioning in Canada’s Laurentian Channel Area of Interest (AOI)

Ragnarsson, Stefán Áki (MRI)
Vulnerable marine ecosystems in arctic and sub-arctic waters

Ramiro Sánchez, Berta (UEDIN)
Biogeographical Patterns in the Deep North Atlantic: a Revision of the GOODS Classification System

Rueda, José L. (COM)
Preliminary characterization of Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems and associated communities of Chella Bank (Alboran Sea, W Mediterranean)

Santana, Yaiza (IMAR) and Gutiérrez-Zárate, Cristina (Aquarium Finisterrae)
Community characterization of two Atlantic seamounts. First steps into addressing the influence of the Mediterranean Outflow Water (MOW)

Taranto, Gerald (IMAR)
Hierarchical seascape mapping of the Azores EEZ

Woillez, Mathieu (Ifremer) 
Fishing activity, distribution of commercial fish species and interaction with VMEs in the Bay of Biscay