Jake Rice also chaired the ATLAS Advisory Board meeting on Thursday 27th, providing invaluable feedback to the ATLAS Consortium on the progress of our first year and future challenges needing to be addressed. We also welcomed representatives from our sister projects SponGES and MERCES, as well as the FP7 Project, DEVOTES who demonstrated their NEAT tool which the ATLAS team will be testing as part of WP6. It was safe to say the days were long and a huge amount of scientific advances were covered, but we also had a well-earned rest with a field trip to the wonderful Cabrera Archipelago National Park.

Plenary session: ATLAS Cruises 2016 and Geovisionary for ATLAS

J. Murray Roberts (University of Edinburgh) Welcome Address

Cova Orejas (Instituto Español de Oceanografía) Following the Mediterranean path through the Atlantic: the MEDWAVES cruise

Safo Piñeiro (Instituto Español de Oceanografía) Ocean circulation and water masses distribution in seamounts in the path of the Mediterranean outflow waters

Igor Yashayaev (Fisheries and Oceans Canada, DFO) 2016 Deep-Sea Canadian Expeditions: Surveying for Discoveries

Sophie Green (British Geological Survey) Geovisionary: tools for visualising ATLAS data

Plenary session: ATLAS WP 1 and 2

WP1 Ocean Dynamics Driving Ecosystem Response [lead SAMS]

David Thornalley (University College London) WP1 Update and announcement of breakouts

Igor Yashayaev (Fisheries and Oceans Canada, DFO) Long term versus decadal scale variability in deep water ventilation in the Labrador Sea

David Thornalley (University College London) Reconstructing AMOC variability beyond the instrumental record

Peter Spooner (University College London) Constraining recent (exceptional?) decadal variability in the surface subpolar Northeast Atlantic

Dierk Hebbeln (University of Bremen, Marum) The sensitivity of cold-water corals to environmental change

Noelia Fajar (Instituto Español de Oceanografía) Is Deep Sea Cold Water Corals distribution constrained by CO2 distinct signatures?

Alan Fox (University of Edinburgh) ATLAS Deliverable 1.1: Lagrangian connectivity of North Atlantic ecosystems

WP2 Functional Ecosystems [lead NIOZ]

Christian Mohn (Aarhus University) WP2 Update

Maria Rakka (IMAR-University of the Azores) Feeding biology of habitat forming CWC: preferences and assimilation efficiencies of selected food sources

Marina Carreiro-Silva (IMAR-University of the Azores) FATE of cold-water coral reefs-identifying drivers of ecosystem change: project overview and synergies with ATLAS

Ingunn Nilssen (Statoil) The Lofoten-Vesterålen Ocean observatory: Understanding behavioural response of benthic organisms from long-term multi-sensor data

Christian Mohn (Aarhus University) Case Study Area Modelling: Concepts and Status

Plenary session: ATLAS WP 3 and 4

WP3 Biodiversity and Biogeography [lead IMAR-UAz]

Telmo Morato (IMAR-UAz) Update on WP3 Biodiversity and Biogeography

José Rueda (Instituto Español de Oceanografía) Vulnerable marine ecosystems and biological features of Gazul mud volcano (Gulf of Cádiz)

Marina Carreiro-Silva (IMAR-UAz) Biodiversity and benthic megafaunal communities inhabiting the Formigas Bank

Cristina Gutiérrez (Instituto Español de Oceanografía) Influence of the Mediterranean water in the occurrence, distribution patterns and connectivity of the deep Atlantic benthic communities

Jens Carlson (University College Dublin) Preliminary evaluation of the performance of eDNA for marine species detection

Sophie Arnaud-Haond (Ifremer) Progresses of WP3: eDNA protocols and application to Medwave samples

Cova Orejas (Instituto Español de Oceanografía) A road map for defining Good Environmental Status in the deep-sea

Lea-Anne Henry (University of Edinburgh) Progress towards the revised GOODS classification tool

Georgios Kazanidis (University of Edinburgh) Effects of changing ocean regimes on deep-sea benthos on the Scottish continental shelf and slope

WP4 Connected Resources [lead IFREMER]

Sophie Arnaud-Haond (Ifremer) WP4: reminder of the objectives of WP4 and an introduction to the puzzle of Eunice norvegica, taxonomy and genetics

Joana Boavida (Ifremer) Understanding connectivity of deep sea corals in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea: from microsatellites to genome scan

Maria Rakka (IMAR-University of the Azores) Peeping through the deep: Insights to the reproductive strategies of cold water gorgonians in the Azores Archipelago

Jeanette Carlsson and Jens Carlsson (University College Dublin) Connectivity studies using genotyping by sequencing (GBS) approaches

Plenary Session: ATLAS Open Science and Knowledge Transfer

WP8 Open Science Resources for Stakeholders [lead UniHB] & WP9 Dissemination, Knowledge Transfer and Outreach [lead AquaTT]

Claudia Junge (AquaTT) 

Stéphane Pesant (University of Bremen, Marum) Open Science

Claudia Junge (Aqua TT) Knowledge Transfer Methodology

Plenary session: ATLAS Open Science

J. Murray Roberts (University of Edinburgh) Welcome to the ATLAS Open Session

Paul Snelgrove (Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada) A View Across the Pond: Enhancing Transatlantic Cooperation and Opportunity

Cristina Gambi (Università Politecnica delle Marche) Introducing MERCES

Detmer Sipkema (Wageningen University and Research Centre) Introducing SponGES

Maria C. Uyarra (AZTI) FP7 project DEVOTES overview (with focus on DEVOTool and NEAT)

Plenary session: ATLAS WP 10 & 5

WP10 Co-ordination and Management [lead UEDIN]

Murray Roberts (University of Edinburgh) & Katherine Simpson (University of Edinburgh) WP10 Update

WP5 Valuing Ecosystem Services and Blue Growth Potential [lead UIT]

Claire Armstrong (UiT The Arctic University of Norway) WP5 Update & ATLAS Delphi Study

Plenary session: ATLAS WP 6 & 7

WP6 Maritime Spatial Planning [lead NUIG]

Anthony Grehan (NUI Galway) Introduction to WP6 Progress

Progress to date: Applying the MESMA protocol in case studies: 

Rockall Bank – Francis Neat (Marine Scotland Science)

Davis Strait – Ellen Kenchington (DFO Canada)

Naomi Foley (NUI Galway) MESMA protocol: MAES

Ronan Long (World Maritime University) MESMA protocol: MSP Legislation

Juliette Martin (UN Environment World Conservation Monitoring Centre) Developing and testing area-based planning tools in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction

WP7 Policy Integration to Inform Key Agreements [lead SC]

David Johnson (Seascape Consultants) WP7: Policy Integration to Inform Key Agreements Overview / update

Matt Gianni (GC) Presentation of legislation/regulation developments for deep-sea fisheries

David Johnson (Seascape Consultants) and Ronan Long (World Maritime University) Presentation on the UN PrepCom: what is it and why is it relevant to ATLAS

Closing Plenary

Biliana Cicin-Sain (University of Delaware) Roadmap to Oceans and Climate Action 2016-2021