Dynamic Earth worked with QuiverVision Ltd. to develop 3 bespoke augmented reality colouring pages. The pages highlight 3 areas of the Atlantic Ocean that were investigated by the ATLAS scientists.

  • A Redfish at the LoVe Observatory, Norway
  • A Blackmouth Catshark at the Mingulay Reef Complex, Scotland
  • A Deep-Sea Skate and Octopus on the Hebrides Terrace Seamount, Scotland

Download the colouring page PDF and get creative! Then scan the QR Code on the page and explore the deep sea in the Spectacular! App.

Spectacular is available on most mobile devices. Download here. There is a video showing how the app works here.

Colouring Pages can be downloaded here: LoVe ObservatoryMingulay ReefHebrides Terrace Seamount

Spectacular Colouring

 Atlantic Adventures team leader, Izzie, using the Spectacular app during a training session at Dynamic Earth (c) Dynamic Earth