The ATLAS educational portfolio is a suite of learning resources designed to engage diverse public groups with key themes, approaches and results from the ATLAS project. 


Under the banner of “Atlantic Adventures with ATLAS” the resources include a downloadable cold-water coral reef survey mat, augmented reality colouring sheets, activity packs and other things, all with instructions and background science summaries.  

They were all developed especially for ATLAS, designed for use by project partners, teachers, informal educators, and also suitable for home-learning. The resources can be used on their own or combined to provide a full range of activities and a workshop suitable for science festivals, schools*, open days, community events.

*Curriculum links are provided to the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence (up to Third Level) but all resources are suitable for international use and with family audiences.

Contents of the Portfolio:

A collection of information sheets and pull-up banner designs to explain the project and topics including ocean literacy, exploration technology and taxonomy.

A downloadable composite image of a cold water coral reef with survey sheet in multiple languages.

A script, resource list and demonstration film that explains how to run the “Atlantic Adventures with ATLAS” workshop. The workshop is adaptable with modular elements covering a wide variety of topics including general ocean literacy, deep-ocean exploration and cold-water corals.

Information about an ROV simulator developed for ATLAS partners.

3 bespoke augmented reality colouring pages and link to download the free Spectacular app.

An illustrated quiz-style flow chart to explore the characteristics of deep-sea creatures.